About Us

Wessel du Bruyn Ministries is a ministry that operates in the Supernatural Power of God.

Pastor Wessel du Bruyn is a sought-after conference speaker who leads Wessel du Bruyn Ministries and operates in the power of the Spirit.


The ministry is registered as a Non-Profit Organization. Wessel and Eileen du Bruyn travel around the world with the Healing and Saving Gospel of Jesus Christ, they have been to more than 40 countries preaching Jesus. 

​Creative Miracles have been happening through this ministry and thousands have been changed by the presence of God. Through this ministry, thousands had been saved and healed. The blind receive sight, the lame starts to walk, Supernatural Manifestations occur in the services - as well as a mighty Prophetic anointing with the accurate word.

When Pastor Wessel was born it was believed that an angel told his mother that God will use him mightily all over the world. As a child, Jesus became closer to Wessel than anyone ever could. He recalls his conversations with the Lord at that small age. He walked with the Lord from the age of five and that was also when he was baptized with the Holy Spirit.


The Lord prepared him at a very young age for the nations of the world and for a great ministry. At seven years old Jesus appeared to him, he couldn't see His face but he could see the Glory of the Risen Christ standing at the door of his room while he was seeking the Lord, and anointed him for ministry.


He faced many things as a young boy but through everything, the bond and relationship with the Holy Spirit grew tremendously.


Today we see how Pastor Wessel ministers, and how the power of God touches people when the presence of the Holy Spirit comes into their meetings. It was Prophesied over Wessel du Bruyn many times that he will carry the mantle of a Great General of God to his generation. This prophecy was confirmed many times, on multiple occasions.


There are many videos on YouTube of Pastor Wessel demonstrating the Power of the Holy Spirit.


Pastor Wessel also had a mighty visitation from the Lord where he was struck to the ground by the power of God for hours. While the power of God was upon him, his hands started to change color as the anointing flowed through him, and God told him that he will experience tremendous heat through his hands when he ministers to the sick - from there the ministry changed its direction. Thereafter, God had visited him many more times confirming the Miracle working power upon his life.


Pastor Wessel also had a mighty Visitation in his room when Jesus appeared to him. Today we see how he ministers solely on the reliance of the Presence of the Holy Spirit.


Pastor Wessel's favorite quotation is: "It's not by might, nor by power, But by My Spirit," says the Lord.


People that have a problem with their weight have lost weight instantly, and AIDS and cancer are being healed in the The presence of Jesus. Hundreds of deaf-mute people have been healed, arthritis, ulcers, kidney stones and all kinds of diseases have been cured.


God is also using Pastor Wessel with a great Prophetic gift and accurate word, in many services people were called out on their names and birth dates etc. In a recent Crusade, a lady who lost her eye due to a fire came forward in a service. She had no eyeballs, but when the Presence of God came, she received a creative miracle and her eyeballs popped back into their sockets.


People also got healed when the shadow of Pastor Wessel fell on them. Pastor Wessel gives ALL the Glory to Jesus and believes that he is merely the channel, and Jesus is the healer.


Pastor Wessel & Eileen are both full time in the ministry.


To God be ALL the Glory!